Early Out Self Pay – Concierge Program

At ARCH we understand that now more than ever your patient population has more choices and tools to select and evaluate their healthcare providers. Our Patient Services Representatives not only focus on recovering your outstanding receivable but also on collecting transaction and patient specific data to assist in enhancing your patient demographics and population health. We transfer and communicate information that can be utilized by your organization to provide five star service to your patients while doing our best to collect outstanding balances due to you as soon as is feasible. The results are increased revenue, decreased costs, reduction in days outstanding, enhanced communications and advanced productivity. Our Early Out Self Pay Concierge program is customized and designed around the needs of our provider partners and our innovative approach to servicing your patients. We immediately diffuse any negative interpretation regarding inability to pay by providing patients with a roadmap to resolving their unpaid balance.

Bad Debt Collections

Similarly to our Early Out Self pay programs, ARCH is also here to assist with your bad debt collections. Bad debt does differ fundamentally from Early Out in that the likelihood to collect the balance is directly correlated to the amount of time the balance has been outstanding, therefore making bad debt balances more unlikely to collect. Typically what clients expect from bad debt collections is similar to what we have all been exposed to regarding bill collections through popular culture. This is not how ARCH operates, even though time has passed since the patient was seen there is typically a reason behind an unpaid healthcare balance. ARCH uses this time as an opportunity to explain to patients the ramifications for leaving a healthcare bill unpaid and their options to resolve the balance. The truth regarding most bad debts is that debtors typically see no other way out other than ignoring their bill and are embarrassed or ashamed that they were not able to previously set up payment arrangements at the time of service. This is a prime opportunity to listen to the patients’ situation and assist them in finding a positive outcome to their outstanding balance and at a minimum educating the patient so that they understand missed opportunities in resolving their balance with the idea being that education will break the all too common cycle of repeat bad debt patients.

Self-Pay Early Out/Bad Debt Blend

ARCH also offers our clients a program for placing both their early out and bad debt accounts with us under a single blended rate on reimbursements. This program is designed to decrease the placement process for providers, rather than outsourcing early out self-pay accounts to one vendor and bad debt accounts to another, the accounts stay with ARCH for both. Time is money and the placement, recall, and replacement of accounts from agency to agency can be a cumbersome, time consuming process. It is not uncommon for providers to have a patient speaking to two different agencies at the same time for their different accounts. This process can be confusing for patients as agencies typically do not communicate between one another, or do so ineffectively which can lead to a massive duplication of efforts as valuable information is not transferred from agency to agency or back to the provider. This blended program eliminates the need to continually place accounts with different vendors. We have found that the overall liquidity and patient satisfaction of the blended program materially exceeds that of segregated programs. Additionally the blended program also greatly reduces your cost to collect on the bad debt side as rates are typically much lower than those seen in standard bad debt recovery programs.

Insurance Billing and Follow Up

ARCH has the right mix of experienced billing representatives and technology to assist with any billing or follow up issues your organization may be experiencing. Our strategy on our billing projects is to have our staff work specific payers so that they become experts in the way those payers operate and process claims. Operationally this offers our clients a subject matter expert for any payer issues they are encountering; ARCH’s billing representative will work directly with your billing department to alleviate any internal processing issues that may be present while utilizing their expertise to resolve any outstanding claims. At ARCH we can handle claims from any payer from Medicare to third party liability. ARCH can pick up follow up on claims at whatever aging suits your organization, ARCH bills claims from Day 1 to working aged receivables reconciliation projects. Below is a sampling of some of our most popular billing programs, if you do not see a payer or program below please contact us!!

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Veterans Administration
  • Commercial Payers
  • Secondary/tertiary billing projects
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield specific
  •  Third Party Liability – Automobile, Workers Compensation

Out of State Medicaid Billing and Enrollment

Have out of state Medicaid claims but not entirely sure where to start? Are out of state Medicaid claims increasingly making up a larger and larger percentage of your aged AR? Don’t have the resources to perform physician enrollments for facility bills to be paid? ARCH would be happy to take a look at your current out of state Medicaid strategy and assist in developing a program that makes sense for your organization and its goals. ARCH is seasoned in the niche and ever changing market of out of state Medicaid billing and enrollments. Typically out of state Medicaid billing and enrollments are time consuming frustrating tasks for provider staff as many of these programs are not billed at nearly the same volume as other payers which makes having a staff expert in out of state Medicaid difficult, unlikely, and perhaps not worth your organizational resources, ARCH can help with our billing and enrollment programs where we are compensated based off of the revenue that we bring to you. Whether it’s one state you would like to enroll in or all fifty ARCH can help with your out of state billing and enrollment strategies to maximize revenue opportunities while not discounting the importance of uncompensated care or physician Medicaid rostering concerns, ARCH is here for you as your out of state Medicaid expert.

Other Programs and Specialties

  • Retroactive authorization and billing projects
  • System Conversion A/R Projects
  • Aged account reconciliation
  • Administrative denials and reconsiderations
  • Small balance/credit balance reconciliations
  • Temporary billing/collections/customer service support
  • Accounts receivable process consultation