At ARCH our process begins and ends with our client partners. Our belief is that if we accomplish the goals of our clients then by default we will achieve those goals that we set out for ourselves. In other words, take care of others and you will also be taken care of.  Our mission is simple: provide value driven, customizable, best in class revenue recovery programs to healthcare providers. We understand that we cannot be all things to all organizations and we will not be an ideal fit for everyone, however our charge is to seek out and partner with those organizations that share our ideals and values and create revenue recovery programs that benefit all stakeholders.

To achieve these goals the foundation of our business is our employees, from our newest patient services representative to our vice presidents, our employees are what makes ARCH go. Typical companies in our industry turn employees over at a staggering rate, while our average employee tenure is approximately 8.5 years.  We also believe in the advancement and continuing education of our employees, ARCH encourages employees to further themselves by providing internal educational opportunities as well as encouraging our employees to actively participate in and obtain certifications through AAHAM, ACA International and HFMA.

In addition to our employees we also believe that utilizing available proven technologies is an important component of our programs. Technology continues to be the vehicle that moves healthcare forward, not only in terms of medicine but also in finance. Between electronic health records, health insurance verifications, and patient portals, technology is a part of any healthcare finance recovery program. ARCH continually stays on the cutting edge of available technologies that serve our industry and seamlessly integrates them into the fabric of our programs where appropriate and proven to be effective. From workflows to text and calling campaigns, ARCH has the technological tools to help your finance or business office keep pace with your healthcare.

 The ARCH process, our client partners, our employees, ongoing education, experience and technology, all perfectly blended together to provide your organization with a true extension of your business office.